Sunday, May 3, 2015

Spring Has Sprung

          It took long enough but Spring finally arrived earlier this month.  It's been a great month to enjoy since we had our technical training in Skopje, our first performance review, lots of outdoor activities and, of course, plenty of gorgeous scenery.  Most importantly, I've been enjoying just being in a regular routine and appreciating the rhythms and quirks of life here.

I've been playing here about once a week. It took me a bit to figure out the "house rules" but it's fun.

The view from the hotel we stayed at during training. 

It felt fantastic lifting proper weights instead of tractors.

We went out for dinner together and I got the chicken kabab. 
This is a very well known Macedonian style restaurant in Skopje.
It's got pictures of Tito everywhere. 

Also, Che, Koco Racin, Churchill, Stalin and Obama.

It was a unique place.

Almir and I enjoyed the food. 
Dorotea enjoyed her nap.
A long winter makes you appreciate Spring that much more.

This man was feeding the ducks and fish.
I finally got to check out my family's bee farm. 

They aren't small bees either.

I kept expecting the bees to go crazy over the weedeater but they never did.

I got in on the action too.

Of course we chilled and enjoyed a coffee.

Soaking it all in.

This class rocks. 

So this couple was trying to get the goose to be in their wedding pictures but he wasn't having it. So I helped coax him with bits of my apple to get back in their shot.

It worked. 

This is the YMLP/GLOW information meeting we had in Ohrid.  Both camps are summer camps that allow all Macedonian high schoolers to apply and then participate.  I'll be a counselor at the men's YMLP camp. We sleep in tents, play games, make fires and have topics on politics, history, leadership, self-growth and development.

It was a big hit and hopefully we'll have a couple of these kids at the camps.

My morning commute always gets me excited for work.

This past weekend was Macedonia's Labor Day and you can't have a proper BBQ without some dessert. So Sarah and I made some cookies/brownies.

She was ready for them.

Goce got the fire going.

Petar and I chilled.

You can't have a bbq without football. Although, I did miss throwing one instead of kicking it.

You remember my PST language teacher, Tome.

Both he and Sarah were impressed with our vicious guard dog, Bruno.

Very vicious. 

This is Lisa and she's a champ at sleeping.

Three kings.

We had a great time together.

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