Monday, July 21, 2014

MIke Horn

           Well the World Cup is over and it's back to dealing with soccer withdrawal.  Since Germany won the final, I came across a story that highlighted how a man I admire helped motivate them to focus on winning the Cup.  That man is Mike Horn and he's an explorer and adventurer.  Some of his accomplishments include completing the first solo journey around the equator without motorized transport, solo-circumnavigating the Arctic Circle and he went to the North Pole in complete darkness.  Those are all incredible and, frankly, ridiculous achievements but how do those achievements apply to the Germans winning the World Cup or to our daily lives?
            When it comes to the German soccer team Mike told them, "They must be well prepared and they have to respect the opponent."  I'm sure Brazil agrees they were prepared but they clearly weren't respecting their defense!  He also said that, "Some play to win and some play because they are afraid of losing.  This is no different to what people fear in their daily life."  What he means is that no matter what you do you cannot underestimate the moment.  For Mike if he doesn't stay focused then he'll probably die.  Now it isn't life or death for us but you must stay focused on what you enjoy and work hard to achieve your goals.
            I know that since I decided to apply for the Peace Corps the most difficult thing for me has been waiting to leave.  It's allowed me to learn how to appreciate the little things, to be patient and to take it step by step.  

Monday, July 7, 2014

US Soccer/4th of July

            After a remarkable showing of support by the American public, the US soccer team experienced what is known as a "reality check". We're a good squad but we've got a ways to go to compete, consistently, with the top teams in the world.  I believe that'll happen when our best player, and not the best athlete in America, is wearing the #10, instead of gloves.  I do feel privileged to have watched Timmy play the greatest game of his career and I fully support his nomination for Secretary of Defense. 
            I loved seeing all the pro soccer/Timmy Howard memes but my favorite one isn't PC but accurately sums up how Middle America feels about itself.

            I hope everyone had a great 4th and appreciated the red solo cups, bikini's and lake views. I certainly did.