Sunday, October 26, 2014

Together A Journey Is Made.

            "If you want to go fast go alone.  If you want to go far go together."  -African Proverb

            My experience here in the Peace Corps is about my experience and perspective.  You all have been very engaging with your feedback, comments, messages and emails.  I can't thank you enough for your support.  However, there's another group of people that support me as well.  They are my fellow volunteers.  Collectively, we're experiencing the same things of culture clash, language learning and PST training.  Individually, we're experiencing those same things through the lens of our own perspectives.  Plus, you might enjoy reading my blog but if you're from the NorthEast, out West  or another country my college football references will be lost.  Again, the support from y'all is a great boost for me but I know that you're curious about what else is going on in Macedonia.  For example there are people who are learning TWO languages right now.  Also, you ladies can read about experiences that you'll find interesting or difficult when I wouldn't even think to write about them.

We have a large, upbeat and interesting group.  It's a mixture of people who were evacuated from Ukraine, dealt with the Azerbaijan debacle and some West Africa cancellations. 

          David is one of the people learning two languages.  It's the dual-language program in the ethnic Albanian part of Macedonia.  He's a Community Development volunteer. He's a great photographer and hails from Colorado. 

         Audrey is one of our experienced expats.  She's lived in Southeast Asia for many years and is the most upbeat person I've met in a while.  She's into dance/exercise, is a TEFL volunteer like myself and hails from Iowa.

        Kait is another dual-language participant in the Albanian part of Macedonia. She's a Community Development volunteer, is a foodie and hails from Pennsylvania. 

       Rachel is a TEFL volunteer who recently graduated from college. She loves Turkish soap opera's, is a very good teacher and hails from Ohio.

         Gwen is a TEFL volunteer who was serving in Ukraine before being evacuated and transferred to Macedonia.  She's lived in Jordan and hails from Kentucky. 

          Eileen is a TEFL volunteer who is in the dual-language program.  She's lived all over the world but hails from Michigan. 

          Katie is a Community Development volunteer.  She's lived in Chile, her host father has been on a Macedonian game show and hails from New York.

     Beka is a TEFL volunteer who loves Beyonce and Lord of the Rings. She hails from Pennsylvania. 

Wait, where's Macedonia?- Stacie Marie
           Stacie is a TEFL volunteer who is in the dual-language program.  She's a stellar linguist who's lived throughout Europe and hails from Colorado. 
Regan Says- Regan Pepples 
           Regan is a Community Development volunteer who is in the dual-language program.  She's got a quick wit and hails from Nebraska. 

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