Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Home Will Be......

            One of the great things about the Peace Corps is how they stagger the process of integrating you to your host country.  First they get you there, train you for three months and then put you out to thrive on your own.  Living in Korea I was thrown into it all from the moment I got off the plane in Seoul.  After several survey's, interviews and more questions I now know that I'll be living in......Lakocherej, Ohrid!!  
            It's a tiny village outside of Ohrid in the Southwest of Macedonia.  During my interviews I made sure to emphasize that I wanted to be very active in the community and with my school.  After reading through the folder of information about my village, school and host family I'm once again being put in a great place to succeed.  I'll be the first Peace Corps volunteer to have ever lived in Lakocherej and my school applied for a TEFL teacher last year.  I'm pumped, full stop.  

Alright, alright, alright.
Myself, Sarah and Victoria are all near Ohrid. 
            I can't find any pictures on the web of what my village looks like since it's that small.  I'm the first volunteer, the school really wants me there and it doesn't exist on Google pics.  For me that's the trifecta of a solid Peace Corps experience.  

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