Thursday, June 12, 2014

World Cup Fever

            How can you travel and not experience the world religion that is futbol?  I love my college football but soccer is the world's game.  So every four years the world gets on the same page and watches it's favorite sport.  I've been excited for months but lately, I've been posting a lot of videos, links and thoughts about the World Cup so I'm consolidating them here for you.  
             If you're a beginner and you just want to know what the heck is going on when you turn ESPN on and you don't see Skip Bayless yelling then click here:  Soccer for Beginner's.

             To my fellow junkies don't worry our fix is only hours away!  If you're worried about missing a game, don't be.  Just click on this World Cup schedule and enjoy.

             One of the things that I love about watching the World Cup is that it creates unforgettable moments.  The drama, the buildup and somehow snatching victory from defeat. Of course for US that means watching the Algeria goal, which never gets old.  I remember exactly where I was when that goal was scored and the euphoria it created.  This World Cup I believe that we'll get the Ghanian monkey off our back and I can't wait to see it.  We are one nation, one team. 

            As promised, here are a couple of great commercials for this World Cup.

            Beats by Dre, Neymar.  This one has it all, the build up to a game, a father's love and a sexy Spanish woman. 

            Not to be outdone Nike released their version of the Incredibles.  I love Zlatan and so does he.

            Five hours and counting and we can finally enjoy joga bonito in action y'all.

*When the opening ceremony is going on, you'll see a person wearing an exoskeleton similar to the one from Elysium.  It's not science-fiction but a person who is paralyzed controlling the machine with their thoughts.  Read the story here.

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