Friday, February 3, 2017

Lakocerej World Map Project: The Finished Result

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."  Theodore Roosevelt

          We did it.  It took many months of everyone chipping in when they had the time.  Whether that time was between classes or during a free period but the Lakocerej World Map Project is complete. I really can't thank my coworkers enough for their support and participation.  They added their own touches or suggestions to the map which is why it has such a beautiful flourish.

Using the projector we traced the countries onto the wall.
We had to correct and repaint several times. 
Chairs and ladders oh my. 
Wonder how so much orange is in it? Hint:  Go Vols. 
The attention to detail is what made the biggest difference .
Only the oceans were blue as not a single country has blue.
For many this was the finished result. For us, we still had to label Europe in Macedonian and English. But how?  Scroll down to see how we did it.
It takes up the entire wall.
The last thing to do was date it. 
 The beautiful finish.
We assigned each European country a number and then wrote them down so the students can read the text. On the left under the Macedonian flag is for the Macedonian text is and English is under the Peace Corps logo.
It's detailed, elegant and practical. 
          All told it took:  
$10 for paint and brushes. 
$0 for ladders and chairs.
$0 for the projector. 
Time: 2.5 months. 

          For the layout each country, border and the oceans were painted twice.  Where it's white it was painted three times. 

          Now you know that you can do this too. If you can't use a projector then the Peace Corps has a grid system that works as well.  The link for that is here at The World Map Project. 

          Bravo y'all bravo.