Friday, December 2, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

          This past week was Thanksgiving and it was a busy one. For the third year in a row I was the designated turkey maker and had to cook two of them! The first one was for the American Corner's celebration in Struga. It was a very nice dinner filled with a table of good food and people. The second was again at the American Corner but with the YMLP/GLOW groups. Immediately after that I was at a Volunteer's house for an all American Thanksgiving. 

The little guy being brined. (It was only 6lbs). 
Finished up!
The pans I cook with were made at least 25 years ago.
Invited guests to the American Corner's Thanksgiving dinner.
Friday night the family and I watched Shrek. 
Since the subtitles were in Macedonian I everyone understood the film but a couple of times I was the only one laughing. 
Saturday the YMLP and GLOW groups combined for our first ever joint Thanksgiving dinner .
Kait, a fellow PCV, was finishing the last weeks of her service and the GLOW girls gave her a nice sending off.
A few hours later I was in Kicevo for an "All-American Formal Thanksgiving". *
It was tricky finger painting without getting it on my clothes. Clearly I wasn't ready to paint before eating. *
We put our masterpieces on the wall. *
Hanging out.*
One of us, Coco our host, was ready for the photo.*
Everyone made phenomenal dishes. I kept it simple with homemade brownies. *
Thankful for good food, friends and a place to call home. *
Swapping stories.*
They were ready for this pic.*
Bryce's face, on the right, says, "Someone just got burned."*
Then a cinnamon challenge happened. Evidently you have to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon without water. I didn't know this was a thing. *
Clearly, they're regretting the decision. Hahahaha. *
Sarah was always camera ready. *
          It was a busy week filled with cooking, running around, cooking, work and conversations but I'll take it. I hope that each of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as well and were able to slow down and appreciate it. 

*Photos taken by Brycen Ek. 

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