Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pre Service Training Week

            Alright it’s been a couple of days and I’m starting to settle in here in Macedonia.  All week we’ve been at the Woodrow Wilson school on the outskirts of Tetovo which is an hour West from the capital Skopje.  It’s a really nice American private school that is used by Macedonian parents for their children and the US government for the Peace Corps. We’ll be here for the week as we transition into our training period.  Each day we’ve been taking language and cultural classes plus the necessary bureaucratic classes about our medical staff, living safely in-country, cultural norms for Macedonians and Albanians etc.   On Friday we'll find out where we'll be going to being our official training and who the family is that we'll be living with while we train for the next three months. 

This is my window view.

This has been my view every morning when I go for a run.

Here are a couple of our morning coffee buddies.

No words. 

I don't know why there's a Disney mural on a building but there is.
Our schedule for the week.
Here are our grammar books to help us learn Macedonian.
I've really been focusing on learning the alphabet. It's taking my head a bit to start listening for Macedonian instead of  Spanish.
Macedonian snacks. Mmmm.
My Macedonian ID. 

            Last night we traveled into Tetovo and went to both a mosque and an Orthodox church.  I'll post those pictures next and show you what the town looks like.  

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